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Benefits of Auctions for the Seller


  • The process exposes the asset to many prospects
  • Rivalry amongst buyers can drive prices upward
  • Less interruptions for the seller since frequent unscheduled showings are eliminated
  • Faster disposal of assets 
  • Asset carrying costs are reduced including the cost of maintenance and tax 
  • Assets are sold only if the reserve price is met
  • A deposit is paid on the fall of the hammer
  • The buyer pays the commission
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Benefits of Auctions for the Buyer:

  • The seller is committed to the sale and is not just testing the market
  • All buyers compete on a fair playing field
  • The sale is open and transparent
  • Competitive bidding means that buyers could unlock more value
  • The purchase price is determined by the buyer
  • Long negotiation periods are eliminated
  • The time to purchase is reduced
  • Everyone knows the closing date of the auction
  • Comprehensive information packs are supplied prior to auction