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Gaining some certainty during uncertain times with Bonds by The Gavelry

June 2021

After more than a year of facing the COVID-19 pandemic, a “new normal” has been created and governments, businesses and individuals are slowly but surely coming to terms with the new reality. Political unrest, economic disruptions, countless fatalities and lockdowns have left the world trying to pick up the pieces and have resulted in massive economic uncertainty and panic.

The world, however, will not stop turning and those who step up and face the challenges will be those who benefit, even during these trying times. Growing your wealth or purchasing your dream home in this rapidly changing environment does not have to be riddled with uncertainty.

The team at Bonds by The Gavelry values their clients and understands how important it is to have certainty and peace of mind when it comes to purchasing a home. This is why they offer pre-qualifications and bond applications to all of their clients. The team at Bonds by The Gavelry have spent copious amounts of time making both of these processes as seamless, simple and user-friendly as possible.

But why is it a good idea to get pre-qualified?

As discussed, with all the uncertainty hanging over the economy, many people feel lost at sea when having to make big financial decisions. A pre-qualification through Bonds by The Gavelry will give you an idea of the maximum home loan you are likely to qualify for. With this necessary information, you are able to start looking for the right property for you and clear price brackets within which you are qualified to purchase, have been established.

Having a pre-qualification letter in hand when you are ready to purchase a home, adds strength to your offer as sellers are made aware that your financials have already been verified and you are a serious investor. The letter also gives you, as the purchaser, a sense of confidence when deciding to purchase a home and making an offer.

A further benefit of getting pre-qualified is that it also gives you a basic overview of your creditworthiness. Knowing your credit history and scores is another way of accumulating some certainty during the property purchasing process. A credit report can act as a shining light into your financial background, helping reveal personal payment history and lending and creditworthiness. It can even serve as a sentinel against identity theft and consumer fraud.

Your credit reports and scores can impact your ability to obtain a mortgage. You should always be in the best position possible when applying for a home loan. The team at Bonds by The Gavelry are expertly trained to assist you with this and answer any questions you may have.

So now that you have a clear sense of the benefits, how do you start the pre-qualification process? It’s simpler than you think, and with the guidance of the Bonds by The Gavelry team, you will have it done in no time!

First, you will need to complete and sign an application form and mail it together with the following documents to Bonds by The Gavelry:

  • ID – Smart ID card must be front and back
  • Experian consent form
  • Latest 6 months concurrent payslips
  • Latest 6 months concurrent bank statements

If there is a co-applicant, he/she will need to comply by filling out and sending the same necessary documents. An Experian credit check will be done on all pre-qualification checks. All data will be handled confidentially and emailed to you, in accordance with the POPI act.

Once you have selected a specific property and you are ready to make a purchase, the team at Bonds by The Gavelry will take care of all the intricacies associated with the application process. They have designed their process in such a way that effectively leaves you having to complete only a single application form and deal with only one designated professional on their team.

They will then apply on your behalf to all the major South African banks. They also follow up and do all the negotiations on your behalf, and they don’t back down easily. The team at Bonds by The Gavelry understands how important it is to get the best possible rate for their clients.

Whether you are able to put down a deposit or require a 100% mortgage bond to purchase a property, Bonds by The Gavelry can assist.

Advantages of having Bonds by The Gavelry manage your application:

  • You work with one person that submits your application to the banks;
  • They provide you with various comparative quotes;
  • They negotiate the best interest rates and most favourable terms possible;
  • You will have the option of applying for a zero-deposit mortgage bond if required, and again, they can help with that application;
  • They provide confidential, personal, and professional service.

Although we are facing uncertain times, purchasing a property and applying for a bond does not need to be uncertain. Bonds by The Gavelry are expertly set up to guide you through the process and provide you with clear and professional service to ensure you grow your wealth and purchase your dream home. 

For more information, email Elsjé van der Westhuizen at or contact her at 066 160 0822.